Very little is known about Casper the Spook, other than his real name, Jonathon Bell. . .which very may well be an alias. One thing is for certain: he wouldn't be caught dead with the CIA or NSA or any other amateur outfit!

Management. All black ops need a manager and Andre takes on his role with a brutally efficient gusto. He will go from zero to ultra violent in 2 seconds flat.

Four friends are recruited into an extraordinary adventure, to become spies who spy on spies!! Super spy Casper and his lovely enforcer, Bellatrix take the unlikely group of buddies on a fun fueled ride of espionage and action!!

Cold, deadly. . .and maybe of eastern European descent, Katrina is a snake of an arch villain. What is her nefarious scheme? And, how can Casper and his team crush her evil plans?

Shadows are like bodyguards, only much more brutal. If you happen to see one or more of them around, chances are things are about to get violent.

Drop your attitude when dealing with Bellatrix, the overly militant enforcer spy. She is highly trained in all forms of weapons and martial arts. Not that it matters, because she can kill you with just her pinkie toe.

Top Secret Crush

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