"If you can make your fantasies a reality, you can shape reality itself. . ."

Apparently, flipping a penny like a quarter is a very difficult operation to pull off.

There was no painting when photography began, so a drawing of General Douglas Macarthur (by John Cockroft) was used as a reference point.

Penny Man is actually the culmination of two scripts. Writer Joel Rook was writing one screenplay that delved into schizophrenic delusions and another script dealing with time travel. After some careful thinking, he combined the two to make Penny Man.

The group home is the residence of John Cockroft, who plays Emery Pick in the movie.

Tid Bits, Details and Production Notes

Let the greatest adventure of all time begin. . .save the world.

World of Delusion:

Isaac Nash hears voices, lives in a myriad of fantasy realms, and suffers from severe paranoid delusions. There is no cure. He is a worthless member of society, and this makes him a perfect target for Emery Pick. This is the best place to start building a legacy. . .it is the only place. Emery will travel back in time to create salvation.

Emery Pick's Guide to the Future:

A century from now, the globe is a horrific place. Ecological wastelands, tyrannical despots, devastating wars, diseases, poverty, and rampant crime reign supreme.

Emery Pick is a brilliant physicist who desperately wants to save the planet from impending doom. How best to do this? Simple: make sure it never happens in the first place.

Penny Man: ‚ÄčTime Travel Companion