Persons of Interest:

Doctor Voss: a weird man in a white lab coat who injects John Doe with a strange serum.

Allie Hammond: a homeless girl playing Good Samaritan, agrees to help John Doe.

Silas Dover: a former Marine turned pan handler, tells John Doe it's best to keep moving.

Assassin One: unknown male in a hooded sweatshirt who kills Silas Dover, then comes after John Doe.

Assassin Two: another unknown male, this one in a ski mask, who takes the gun John Doe steals from Assassin One and tries to kill him with it.

Carlin Astrid: self-proclaimed mentalist. May be able to use hypnosis to achieve partial, or even total recall.

Delilah: one of Carlin Astrid's cronies.

Simon: another one of Carlin Astrid's cronies.

It is important to remember that John Doe knows nothing of these characters and shouldn't trust anyone.


Key - found on a man with a gun, chasing John Doe for an unknown reason.

Bottle of fluid - also found on a man coming after John Doe, this one wearing a ski mask. The fluid is some strange smelling unknown substance.

Pill - someone is leaving John Doe a pill at a time to alleviate skull crushing headaches. These headaches have an unknown cause.

For the sake of a record, you can call me John Doe. That's because I have no idea what my real name even is. I wake up in this strange place as if I'm waking up for the first time in my life. I have no memories. . .no history. . .no life. I guess I should be losing my mind right now, but it doesn't feel like I even have a mind to lose. I am a blank slate.

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